Regaining control...


How do we stay informed about current art news without going under? 

We want to stay tuned to what's happening in our areas of interest, although how to filter what's coming in is becoming a challenge for all of us, especially when we'd rather spend our time in creative endeavors. In this era of information inundation news feeds are great. I use the free app Feedly although there are others to choose from. Download the app of your choice to your digital device. Follow the instructions to connect with websites and blogs you want to follow. You'll receive a daily or weekly compilation of the blogs and news you enjoy. You can read what you choose when you are ready to kick back and catch up. 

Is it only me or is Facebook getting crazy?

We want the potential Facebook offers for our business yet we don't want an incursion of information we're not aligned with. We have a desire to stay connected with family and old friends even though they may have differing views on issues important to us. For starters, keep your personal Facebook page and your business Facebook page separate. 

To reduce the tension associated with some FB posts we can create lists to edit out information we don't want to see regularly. Then we decide when it's convenient to update with people we care about or pages we follow. 


On your Facebook timeline page, choose "Friends." The list of friends shows with a box to the right. Click on the friends box. When you agree to friend someone, the pulldown gives you the option to assign the person to a list, for example, "close friends” or "acquaintances" and offers you the opportunity to create your own category. You also have the choice to opt out of their "notifications." 

These categories show up on the left sidebar of your FB homepage when you open your news feed. Under EXPLORE click "Friend Lists." Your categories will pop up in a list format and you see only posts associated with the list you've chosen. I have a "family" list for the times I want to connect with people I love yet don't want to wade through the newsfeed to catch up. There is a list for art friends and a list for business acquaintances. Yes, we can always go to their timelines to see what’s up, however, that feels more than a bit intrusive to me. 

Taking charge of Facebook allows us to keep the relationships we've valued over time and yet distance ourselves from posts disrupting to our peace. 

If you want to take your exploration a step further, on a scale of 1-10, ten being worst ever, note the level of disruption to your sense of truth and personal agitation after you make a run through Facebook. Take the challenge. Unplug for a week. Focus the time instead on hearing your own soul, trusting your heart. What is the right next step for you? At the end of the week, note from 1- 10 how you feel. Is there a difference? May be a clue to limit personal Facebook contact to close family and trusted friends, set a goal to post business info once a week ~ or unplug all together. 

We don't have to be helpless victims of social assault to stay connected to people we love and grow our business. If we take a few minutes to restore our boundaries on the web, we'll have more creative energy and more time to make art, write that novel, or build the boat we’ve dreamed of. 

Your Art Business License

Do you know the information you file with the Secretary of the State of Oregon Business License Registration is public? How many of you know an artist or other entrepreneur who has a box at the mail center down the street?  We do this thinking it will protect our privacy as much as possible in this era of open information. The common misconception is this serves as the business address to satisfy the State of Oregon licensing, however, the State considers any kind of post office box illegal even though there is a street address attached to the mail center. Hiring an Agent Representative only forwards legal notices and doesn't fulfill the physical location requirement on the state license application or renewal. You can list the place where your tax records are stored as the legal address for your business ~ if your CPA is willing to forward the junk mail resulting from sales sharks who surf the licenses. Bottom line? If you do business in the State of Oregon, take the time to inform yourself and choose options to avoid fines or worse. The people on the other end of the phone at the office of the Secretary of State are knowledgeable and polite so it's easy to call and have your individual questions answered if the web page doesn't cover your concerns. You can also check with the local Small Business Association or SCORE for information and assistance.

Working the River, Chewelah


This painting began as a life-size portrait I was trying to make work on a canvas that was not proportioned correctly. It needed to be skinnier. 


Never one to be deterred, I kept trying to force the painting. The positive side is the first layer of paint was on the canvas.

2017WorkingThe RiverChewelah

Sometimes, the better part of valor and painting is to give in to the way things are not working and do something different. I turned the canvas upside down and went with a manufacturing plant at Chewelah, Washington. Acrylic. 6'x4'

Antidote for crazy-making...

Some people still hope the person-in-charge will have a “come to Jesus moment” and evidence a softening of heart because sane people can’t begin to comprehend a narcissist’s agenda.

A narcissist doesn’t care how you feel. They are so divorced from their own feelings they have no frame of reference. They don’t feel their own pain so they don’t recognize another’s pain. 

Life is a movie to the narcissist, a film playing in their own head and woe to the person who violates the script. If someone does, the narcissist bides their time, for decades if necessary, to get even. A narcissist annihilates emotionally without compunction. 

A narcissist lives to dupe others with manipulation ~ Duping Delight ~ look it up.

A narcissist doesn’t believe they are lying or committing wrongdoing. If they are caught out to the point they can’t spin a dupe, the closest thing to an apology they will issue is, “That’s not what I intended.” Revisionist history is their specialty. 

You can’t reason with a narcissist. They feed on violence and mayhem and live to incite the people around them to chaos of emotion and behavior. Seeing other humans helpless, distressed or angry is recreation. 

So how do we cope? 

Instead of flailing in exhaustion and fear, experience quiet time to reclaim your internal power and self-respect. Practice self-care.

Don’t give your energy away or feed the narcissist by engaging personally, in this case, with cartoons, tweets, rants. 

Instead of dedication to “fighting,” align to peace, use your strengths and choose reasoned methods to effect change. 

Make the decision to stand firm and stay the course. 


Disclaimer: A narcissist can change their behavior (I believe with new brain science miracles are possible) by voluntarily submitting for a lifetime of regular supervision and accounting with a savvy psychiatrist who gives no quarter. The road for anyone close to a recovering narcissist is way past rocky and exhausting as a narcissist learns a healthier way to relate.



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The Long Haul...

Observing social media and news feeds, two obstacles loom ~ fatigue and division. 

Fatigue.  It’s a rush to ride the collective adrenaline and outrage of the moment. With recovery from any deep grief, we eventually return to a familiar rhythm and routine. Life interrupts our best intentions and has to be attended to while rhetoric fades to background noise. 

The isolationist US drug her feet entering WWII and the young men and women who signed up blithely announced they were going to end the war in a couple of months. Long bloody years later, if they were lucky and blessed, they came home to become our parents and grand-parents. Of course, women have never been in charge of a war before and civil disobedience is a powerful armament for change. 

The first strategy of a facist regime is to weary people already overloaded with daily concerns by monotonous bombast. (Same with narcissists.) Witness the non-response verbal vomit of the confirmation hearings. Living among compassionate and thoughtful people doesn’t prepare us for the exhaustion of lack of authenticity and entitled insanity. 

For a long haul we must examine our physical and emotional stamina. Recognize how and where our talents will make our best contribution and how we can allocate our energy in a difficult engagement over time.  

Division. Division over the nuances of commitment to what is ethical in the world and what organization will best promote the beliefs we share is a death knell to forward progress. From diet programs to tires, people fight for the right to be right. We can’t afford anything but mutual respect and support even if another’s way is not our approach. 

We need to keep the focus on human rights, women’s rights, civil rights then plan to endure and make a difference. 

Think smart. Breathe. What’s the right next step? 



2017 at In Bocca al Lupo Fine Art


Transition Celebration   

Sunday, January 22, 2017   2-5 pm


Dear Friends, 

With 2017 beginning, I’m excited to share the new direction for In Bocca al Lupo Fine Art. From the jewel box gallery in Milwaukie to the elegant space in Oregon City, the vision that created a community for artists and art lovers continues to evolve. 

The best part of owning an art gallery is supporting, teaching and coaching fellow artists to accomplish their passions. When I pause to reflect on what brings me the most joy, I realize it isn’t a physical building, but rather the people who come through the door. This simple thought shapes my focus for the future. Over the next few months, look for updates on my personal and professional websites to better reflect the work that brings me the most satisfaction - teaching, mentoring and coaching.

As a mentor and coach, I encourage artists to develop a solid portfolio, while guiding them through the promotional process. Having a well-constructed platform increases professional confidence and visibility in the art world. 

As a coach, I collaborate with artists who have enjoyed rich careers, yet may not be taking full advantage of digital marketing opportunities. I help artists inventory a lifetime body of work thus increasing potential value while concurrently expanding sales opportunities. A clear catalog facilitates inclusion in exhibitions or sales to private collectors and assists estate executors to sell or donate the body of work. 

Whether teaching art or coaching, if requested I use bio-energy counseling techniques to successfully break through blocks and clear old programming initiating renewed enthusiasm for the artistic process. 

If you know you’re serious about promoting your art or want to schedule a class for your group, drop me a note at 

Please join me for the transition celebration, 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 22, 2017.  My personal show depicting Oregon City and the Blue Heron Mill will be up until Jan. 27, 2017. Barring more crazy weather, drop in between 1 to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Friday. If you can’t make those times, call me for an appointment 971.258.2502.

The world is digital. Community is everywhere. We create our own circles of influence and support and I want to help you achieve your goals. While I won’t be in the Oregon City location after January, I will be doing what I have always done: growing as a person and helping others in their journeys as creative souls. Look for me under the same business name, In Bocca al Lupo Fine Art. Here’s to new beginnings and new horizons! 









Party Time...

An image from my series of experiments this year. Working the River - an Exploration opens Saturday, 5 November, from 6-9 at In Bocca al Lupo Fine Art. November is my birthday month so this is my First, Last and Only birthday party - cake and everything. The best present is seeing old and new friends so I hope you can drop by. I'll be sharing an exciting new direction for the gallery that night. 

Music Education...

Thinking Out Loud...One of the scores on the November concert program for the JCO is in Russian, however, everyone speaks the same patois when it comes to music so performance of charts conceived in any language is possible. Music is a universal communicator. 

Recall the many ceasefires on Christmas day in 1914 when the Allies and Germans met in No Man's Land to sing carols and exchange holiday greetings in the middle of a vicious war. 

I wondered this morning if the universality of music and art, with the resulting power and positive energy, is one of the unacknowledged reasons music curriculums are being cut from so many schools? If we can't speak music, we become more manageable and ethnocentric. Since music uses all of the brain, if we are not challenged to think to our highest capacity, we more readily accept isolation. We have a potential to stop caring about our world family. I hope we find a way to incorporate music training into our lives. I used to think only children could learn a musical instrument, cultivate a voice or creative practice. It's never to late to begin. 

Driven by demons...

P1200886 copy.JPG

"An artist is a creature driven by demons. She doesn't know why they choose her and and she's usually too busy to wonder why," With apologies to William Faulkner for the gender reassignment of his statement.

Frustrated apothecary...

These are newer tube colors from Gambin I enjoy using to grey down passages. They help keep the purity of value while taking the edge off.  I ran out of the blue one night and it occurred to me I could make the color.  On the back of every tube color is a series of numbers identifying the "ingredients" colors used to create the tube color. 

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Apologies to green...

A friend was kind enough to drop by my workshop today and noted the paint swatches, scribbled notes on white drying times, formulas for mediums, color wheels - et al.  While my pal was supportive, some fly-by-the seat of your pants artists have ridiculed me for being too technically preoccupied - as if it will stunt my creative growth. To each their own and my way works for me. On the days I can't get going, exercises like the one above jumpstart the energy. This experiment was inspired by friend and amazing color genius, Corrine Loomis Dietz. We were enjoying rare and precious time making art together and I delivered a derogatory comment about a green I regarded as particularly virulent. Corrie suggested some people might like the color and said, "Try it with Quinacridone Red."  When Golden Green Gold is combined with Quin Red, the result is great base skin tones. In oil, try Gamblin's Cadmium Green and Quin Red. Lesson learned. I may not wear or paint the kitchen this green, however, it makes a very able addition to the color world. Presuming from our prejudices can set us back in art and life. 

Education and wisdom...

On the PCC campus awhile ago, obviously before spring, this juxtaposition caught my attention. Futuristic architecture where we teach our youth facts that may or not matter and the organic structure of the tree, representative of earth wisdom and natural rhythms enduring for millennia. The earth is suffering neglect and abuse by previous generations of the educated. The students I'm fortunate enough to meet are well-educated, bright visionaries coming together to collectively work for positive changes on the planet. I feel very hopeful for the future when I know they will be the ones in charge. 

Bas relief ...

This cracks me up and makes me happy at the same time. Spontaneous geometric and color. It's the lid of my pastel box. 

The Gizmo...

A gizmo of my invention, easy to make and helps avoid frustration when wet brushes play kissy face. At home, I use my grandfather's antique crystal doorknob with a lovely beveled metal connection built in. For working at the gallery, I purchased copies. The facets of the crystal keep the gizmo from rolling. A dowel joins the end pieces and a packet of rubber hair bands keep the brushes from sliding into each other.